You've probably tasted or seen Tofu sold in your store, but you may not know all the varied ways it can be prepared. It is one of the easiest and healthiest meals to prepare. It is easy, fast and can be used in many ways.

Our tofu range

You will definitely find what you want in our tofu range. Here you will find Natural Tofu, also suitable for sweet recipes, tofu for grilling or marinating.

History of tofu

Development our way...

  • Lunter TofuGMO-free soya beans from the EU

    The soya from which we make our tofu grows in Europe. It is grown by our partner certified farmers according to the highest ecological standards, without the use of GMOs.

  • Lunter TofuTraditional processing

    We process high-quality soya beans using traditional methods that have been proven over the centuries, the essence of which is the cooking and fermentation of beans. We do not use any preservatives or other artificial substances.

  • Lunter TofuQuality and balanced diet

    On your plate you get healthy, protein-rich and carefully prepared food in standard high quality. Our products also contain important fibre, vitamins, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and another 20 amino acids.

  • Lunter TofuPlant-based food is ECO

    We use 13 times less water for the production of purely plant-based products, we need 18 times less soil and we produce 2x less carbon dioxide than for the production of equally nutritionally rich foods from animal-based production.

  • Lunter TofuEcological packaging

    All the packaging into which we pack our products is now made of recyclable plastic materials. However, we are working to replace these packages with purely plant-based ones.

  • Lunter TofuWe think of our planet

    We save drinking water, we do not burden the surrounding environment and we use ecological natural gas for transport. We have been an environmentally responsible company for a long time.

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