At Alfa Bio, we pay attention to the quality of our products and we constantly strive to increase its level by innovating production processes and technologies. At the same time, we want to transparently inform our customers and consumers, which is why our company holds several independent quality certificates, which you can also find on the packaging of our products.

We bring you an overview so that you get to know not only the exceptional taste of our products but also their quality.

Discover the taste of a better world.


      LUNTER products marked with the Bio symbol have received certification, which guarantees energy efficiency, saving of non-renewable resources, minimizing waste or environmental protection during their processing. Their nutritional value is preserved and prevented from.

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      We produce selected Tofu from quality European soy, as evidenced by the Donau Soy certificate. To obtain it, soybeans must meet two basic characteristics: soybeans come from the Danube region and soybeans are not genetically modified.

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    • FSC FSC

      The FSC certificate on our packaging guarantees that the wood for their production comes from responsibly managed forests.


      Most of our products do not contain gluten and are also suitable for celiac patients and people sensitive to gluten. These products carry the gluten-free information on their packaging. The GLUTEN FREE certificate has been awarded to these products by the Association of European Coeliac Societies.

      Gluten-free LUNTER Tofu products are:

      • All LUNTER Tofu
      • All LUNTER Tofu Sausages
      • LUNTER Tofu Mexican spread in a plastic trays, tubular casings and aluminium trays
      • LUNTER Tofu Farmers spread in a tubular casings and aluminium trays
      • LUNTER Tofu Chickpea spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Soyacream spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Chive spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Hummus spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Shephferds spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Horseradish spread in a tubular casings
      • LUNTER Tofu Tartar spread in a plastic trays and aluminium trays
      • All LUNTER Tofu creamy spreads
      • LUNTER Ready Meal Tofu Bolognese sauce

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    • nongmo GMO FREE

      All LUNTER products are produced from plant based raw materials grown without the use of GMOs, i.e. without genetically modified organisms. As a result, they bear the GMO FREE label awarded by the AgroCert certification authority.

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      Alfa Bio received an IFS Food certification score of up to 98.69%. Thanks to it, we can clearly demonstrate that we create products in accordance with customer specifications and we are constantly working to improve our processes. Our company also confirms its transparency with the certificate throughout the supply chain, thus reducing costs for the retailers.

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    • SGS_ISO 22000_TCL_HR ISO

      The ISO 22000: 2018 certificate primarily guarantees compliance with safety rules when working with food, acting in accordance with them in relation to our customers, as well as communication in food safety issues. Thanks to it, our company Alfa Bio can clearly demonstrate compliance with all principles of food safety.

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      All LUNTER products hold an internationally recognized V-Label certificate, which is awarded by the Slovak Vegan Society as the Slovak certification authority. The V-Label is an internationally recognized registered symbol for labeling vegan and vegetarian products and services. Their quality is quaranteed thanks to standardized criteria and quality audits. The V- label is also a proof of our transparency.

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    • V-LOG V-LOG

      Thanks to the V-Log Ohne Gentechnik certificate, which is held by LUNTER Tofu, we guarantee that our products are free of GMOs, artificially added vitamins, aromas, enzymes and other food additives produced using GMOs.

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      We produce selected Bio Tofu with the Naturland certificate, which is one of the highest valued labels for Organic products. It guarantees that the products not only meet the conditions set by the laws on eco farming, but also emphasize the social aspects of production – working conditions and employees’ rights. Alfa Bio was the first Slovak company to certify for Naturland certificate.

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    • Untitled-1 ZNAČKA KVALITY SK

      LUNTER Tofu cabbage á la cluj is a proud holder of the Značka kvality SK certificate, which is awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic. The certificate is a guarantee of the highest quality agricultural and food product. It informs the consumer that the producer adheres to the declared technological procedure, quality parameters and food safety, that 75% of the product consists of domestic raw materials and all stages of the production process take place in Slovakia.

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