Should children be eating tofu?

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The younger you start eating tofu, the greater the positive effect this food will have on your health – for example, maintaining optimal blood cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes, and also incorporating calcium into bones and teeth. And if you suddenly get hungry, with the help of tofu you can conjure up a tasty and healthy lunch for the whole family in a few minutes. Do you want to know how to do it?


Tofu can be eaten regularly by men, women, children of all ages, including adolescents, and also by the elderly and by pregnant women. “The studies that have been made of the effects of soya on human health show that it is a food suitable for everyday consumption. From a preventative point of view, it is also appropriate for “non-vegetarians” to have several purely “plant-based” days a week,” says MUDr. Alexandra Frolkovičová, nutritional expert. Tofu preparation is easy and fast, which every cook will surely appreciate – even the smallest chefs can make it 🙂


If you are looking for a tip on how to get a healthy and tasty lunch over the weekend, try these new products from Lunter. TYMIAN TOFU FOR BARBECUING or spicy SWEET CHILLI TOFU FOR BARBECUING can be prepared by literally anyone – just cut it to the desired size and shape, roast it on the barbecue or in a grill pan to taste on both sides and you can eat it in two minutes. No need for unnecessary marinating, seasoning or looking for the right combinations – this new product has been specially developed for easier preparation so you can enjoy your free time with your family.

To make your barbecue truly healthy, use lots of fresh vegetables and plant-based products. If you are looking for a source of quality protein, choose plant-based products. It will be good for your immunity and your stomach. Treat yourself to a barbecue with these new products from Lunter; you can even do it every day. Tofu for barbecuing will definitely not spoil in the fridge during the hot summer days – it will last 6-8 weeks when chilled, so you can always have it ready when you get hungry again.


Did you know that we reach our maximum bone mass in our twenties? That is why tofu with its high content of calcium and proteins can ensure the correct growth of bones and muscles for children and adolescents. “The technological process of tofu production, which uses calcium salts, is especially important for our bones – and it is not just because of the calcium levels, which would be comparable to that of a cheese. Compared to calcium from milk, this plant-based calcium has a much higher chance of getting directly into the bones. The reason is the vitamin K and phytoestrogens (isoflavones), which are found in soya. They ensure that the calcium from tofu finds its way directly into the bones and teeth, instead of into the blood vessels and organs where we do not want it and do not need it,” explains MUDr. Frolkovičová. In addition, the isoflavonoids in soya have been shown to improve concentration and memory, as well as aiding brain functions and the overall preservation of mental calm and a good mood.


  • Tofu is a nutritious, low-fat food that satisfies. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid to have a plant-based day. It helps you to keep a balanced diet and enables your digestion to take a rest from eating meat every day.
  • It contains a lot of the protein and calcium our bodies need – calcium from tofu has a much higher chance of getting into the bones due to soya’s levels of vitamin K and phytoestrogen, which help ensure the direct take up of calcium into bones and teeth.
  • Eating it improves your mood and mental calm.
  • It is suitable for everyone, including children, the elderly, and pregnant women.
  • It acts against lifestyle diseases; it aids in slimming and it is an appropriate part of a diet aimed at supporting your immunity.
  • Lunter tofu for barbecuing enables you to conjure up a delicious lunch, dinner or side dish to any meal you like within a few minutes. And literally everyone can prepare it!