The fresh, pleasantly sour taste and fine consistency will put a smile on your face.


No cholesterol


No preservatives

Made only from European soya, GMO-free


  • Lunter TofuIngredients

    Ingredients: water, 8% soya beans, glucose-fructose syrup, calcium phosphate (source of calcium), thickening agent: pectins, bacterial cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, culture: Bifidobacterium lactis, salt. Our PLANT DRINK is made from a plant-based, i.e. quality soya milk made by us at the Alfa Bio works. We don’t list it as 100% plant-based because of the bifidobacteria, which are of animal origin. Our PLANT DRINK can therefore contain lactose only as a trace element. We’re looking for a suitable supplier who could cultivate bacteria in a purely plant-based environment for the purposes of industrial production (not only as a nutritional supplement where this standard is more easily achievable).

  • Lunter TofuVolume

    300 ml

  • Lunter TofuPackaging

    All the packaging we use is made from recyclable plastic materials. We are working on replacing it with purely plant-based packaging.

  • Lunter TofuNutritional values

    Nutritional information per 100 ml: Energy 213 kJ/ 54 kcal Fats 1.7 g of which - saturates 0.3 g Carbohydrates 5.6 g of which - sugars 4.1 g Proteins 3.1 g Salt 0.07 g Calcium 60 mg (7.5% NRV**) **Daily nutrient reference values for vitamins and minerals (adults)