With its natural composition and diverse uses, it makes an ideal base for savoury and sweet cuisine. We make spreads from quality real ingredients: fresh soya drink, original Lunter tofu and 100% shea butter from shea nuts.


100 % plant-based

No cholesterol or preservatives


Made only from European soya, GMO-free

  • Lunter TofuIngredients

    LUNTER soya drink (water, soybeans), 23% LUNTER Tofu (soybeans, water), rapeseed oil, shea oil, corn starch, salt, lemon juice from concentrate, voda, stabiliser: pectins, dried yeast.

  • Lunter TofuNet weight

    Mass of product 140 g

  • Lunter TofuPackaging

    All the packaging we use is made from recyclable plastic materials. We are working on replacing it with purely plant-based packaging.

  • Lunter TofuNutritional values

    NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER 100 g Energy 1192 kJ / 289 kcal Fat 29 g of which saturates 6,0 g Carbohydrate 1,5 g of which sugars <0,5 g Fibre 1,0 g Protein 5,0 g Salt 0,90 g

  • Lunter TofuPreparation instructions

    With its diverse ingredients and varied uses it makes an ideal base for cooking savoury and sweet foods.