How to start eating healthily with tofu

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How to start eating healthily with tofu

Living healthily does not mean being on a diet or giving up your favourite food – it’s more about understanding what food will help the body feel better, give it enough energy or manage stress better. At Lunter, we believe that tofu is an important part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Why should we eat healthily and who are the “flexitarians”

In the early 1990s, the term “flexitarian” began to be used, a combination of the words flexible and vegetarian. It refers to people who do not need to become vegetarians, but have understood that reducing their intake of animal products and increasing their intake of plant-based foods and soya products, for example in the form of tofu, benefits them.

How to start and not quit.

When switching to a healthier type of diet through a plant-based diet and tofu, it is first of all necessary to understand what nutrients we are going to replace with what.

In addition to tofu, more fruits and vegetables are likely to appear in our diet, but many people have the misconception that this is the end of it. There are however other changes associated with healthy eating. These include, for example, reducing our intake of animal fats, salt, sugar and white flour and, conversely, eating more whole grains or legumes.

Better to change gradually than overnight

The transition to a healthier diet should be a path of gradual change. Regular eating of unhealthy foods should be at first reduced and they may eventually fall out of the diet for good.

For many, a healthy diet is more a matter of decision and a firm will. Just knowing that a person is doing something for their health has positive physical and mental effects and is in itself a motivation to keep going. The effects of the transition to a healthier diet begin to show after a short time.

Beware of the common mistake: not only healthy but particularly tasty

A person who has decided to eat healthily with tofu should think about how to prepare this food right from the start. Repeatedly preparing the same dull recipe from tofu will get boring after a while.

Tofu can be used not only in savoury dishes, but also in various desserts, drinks or soups. It is an excellent raw material for experimenting in the kitchen. And of course, it can serve as a complete substitute for cheese. The food will taste just as good, while captivating people with its lightness.

Before cooking, decide on the appropriate type of tofu. There are several flavours to choose from, or you can use white natural tofu, which tastes best when processed and flavoured properly. Tofu can be toasted in a frying pan or in the oven or barbecued.

Tofu recipes and culinary inspirations can be found at: Lahke-recepty.sk